Monday, December 14, 2015

A Day Trip to Ipoh, Perak

Leaving in Kuala Lumpur has gives us the perks of the ease at travelling a to every short-distance destinations. Melaka, Port Dickson, Janda Baik & Temerloh can be reach in 2 hours time making those destination as a considerable day-trip destination. So last Sunday, the whole family wanted to go for short tip out of the city and we decided to head North, to Ipoh, Perak. The location is consider dekat which in 2 hours we have reach Ipoh trough the NKVE. 

We have discover makan-makan spot yang best which you should not missed :

Breakfast in Ipoh, at Mee Daud Mat Jasak. We sample all on the list of menu. But would definitely suggest you to try Kuew Tweo kicap.It is something new to me. Don't forget to also try their legendary Mee Curry. I love that too. 

Lunch in Ipoh, at the famous Nasi Ganja/Nasi Ayam Merah. The Q was damn long. But the if you were to dine in, just cari meja kosong sahaja and the Anney will take care of you. Unless if you are tapau-ing than you have to join the damn long Q. Here, you can try the Nasi Ganja Ayam Merah or Daging Merah. I tell you what, you easily get drowsy after a plate of this. I'm warning you. 

In between this makan-makan, we stopped by the Pasar Karat just nearby UTC Ipoh where locals sells antiques. A walk to this Pasar helps burn calories after the makan-makan.  

So later, after we had our lunch we head home and singgah Cameron Highlannds to buy fresh veges. We also had a quick ride up to the tea plantations. The view from top was beautiful and the temperature was so nice, sejuk sejuk.

We end up the trip with steamboat dinner somewhre nearby Tanah Rata. Kalau dari Brinchang ke Tanah Rata, kedainya di tepi sebelah kanan. Just neaby Maybank's bungalow.

Till then.

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